Guest Experience Coordinator

New York, United States · Operations · 120318


We are seeking a service-focused part-time guest experience coordinator to provide support to our teachers and for our students attending classes each night. We'll rely on you to provide personalized assistance, ensure warmth and hospitality and accommodate all student needs. A passion and interest for language learning and cultures is a must!


Monday - Thursday 6:00pm - 9:30pm

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Guest Experience:


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Who we are:

We’re one of the fastest-growing premier language learning organizations in the US. Our human-centric approach sets us apart, and our immersive, skill-based language learning style emphasizes speaking over reading and writing. Our learners have the real-world practice and confidence they need to communicate in any situation: in the home, workplace, or over drinks in the bar. This sets us apart from apps, textbooks, and other traditional learning methods.

With over 180+ instructors on staff, we teach students in-person at our locations in DC and NYC, work with many leading Enterprise clients, and teach students online.

What we're building:

The most effective language learning platform in the world. Our programs combine three key elements, which we believe are critical drivers of learning outcomes.

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